Application Form for the Malton Monthly Food Markets 2018

Malton Monthly Food Market

Below is our online application form for Malton Monthly Food Market. The event takes place on the second Saturday of each month except January, September and December. In January the market takes a month off. September is the Harvest Food Festival, and application for this event requires a different form. December is the Christmas Festival – please get in touch for details.

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Malton Monthly Food Market 2018 – Trading Terms and Conditions General 1.1Stalls/pitches are non-transferable. 1.2The locations of stalls/pitches are decided on a month-to-month basis. At no time does acceptance of a Trader’s application bestow any rights or expectation that a stall will be in a particular position. 1.3The Market Organiser’s decisions are final with regard to each market’s formation and layout. 1.4Stalls are invoiced in advance of the markets and payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Traders turning up on the day who have not prepaid will not be permitted to stand at the market. 1.5Traders who cancel within 10 days of the market and no-shows will be liable for the full cost of the stall. 1.6The event is officially open for trading between: 9am to 3pm each day. Traders are required to stay for the full duration of the event and may only begin packing up after closing time on each day. 1.7Traders selling illegal, counterfeit or inappropriate goods will be asked to leave the market. 1.8Smoking is prohibited on site. 1.9Refunds will not be given if the market is cancelled for reasons beyond the Organisers’ control. 1.10Traders who do not turn up to an event they have booked are not entitled to refunds and may jeopardise their applications to trade at future events, including the annual Malton Food Lovers Festival. 1.11The Organisers reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any time by giving notice in writing to a Trader who fails to turn up more than once. While it is recognised that occasional emergencies occur which prevent Traders from attending a market, the Organisers have still incurred administration, marketing, venue hire and stall hire costs. 1.12The Organisers reserve the right to cancel the Monthly Food Markets at short notice. 1.13Traders must provide skirts for their stalls and stalls must be kept tidy at all times. 1.14All Traders’ rubbish and recycling must be taken with them at the end of the event. Failure to do so will put in jeopardy your acceptance to trade at future events. 1.15Traders must only sell what is stated on their application form. 1.16NO GENERATORS are allowed. 1.17Access for unloading will be provided from 7.30am. Traders must move vehicles off the site as quickly as possible. All vehicles MUST be off-site by 8.30am. The Organisers will provide Traders with information about off-site parking. 1.18Traders must have arrived on site by 8.30am and be set up and ready to trade at 9.00am. Traders who arrive after 8.30am will not be allowed to trade and their stall will be dismantled. There will be no refund of the stall fee. Public Liability Insurance 2.1Traders are responsible for the insurance of their own property and must have current Public Liability Insurance to the value of £2 million at the time of the event. 2.2Traders must submit photocopies of their insurance cover with the application form and have originals with them for inspection at the time of each event. 2.3Traders or agents shall not hold the Organisers and/or Malton Amenity CIC responsible for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of any exhibit, goods, property or equipment. Health and Safety 3.1All stalls must meet Health & Safety Standards in line with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. 3.2Stalls may be inspected by Environmental Health, Trading Standards Officers or any other professional body. 3.3Traders who use powered appliances must supply the relevant safety certificates as well as fire extinguishers and adequate barriers around the powered equipment. Traders are also required to bring the appropriate extension cables and connections. Please check in advance if unsure. 3.4Traders selling food must provide food hygiene and safety certificates in advance of the event, as well as make them available for inspection on the day. 3.5Stallholders using gas cylinders are expected to provide suitable storage facilities. All cylinders must be installed prior to the opening of the event and must not be transported during the event. 3.6All electrical equipment must be PAT tested with a current sticker/certificate with the equipment. The Malton Monthly Food Market is organised by the Malton Amenity CIC, a community interest company. Its principal sponsors are Fitzwilliam Malton Estate and the Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust. Malton Monthly Food Market, c/o 88 Old Maltongate, Malton, YO17 7EG Tel: 01653 692849 Email:

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