A brilliant Dexter Beef recipe from our lovely traders, Skerry Hall Farm

20-01-2015   News and Recipes


Dexter Beef with Porcini and Cranberries in Red Wine, Served with Pasta, Saffron Rice or Baby Potatoes.

Cut braising steak, stewing meat or shin beef into approx.. 1” (25mm)
cubes. Roll in seasoned flour (the meat, not you) seal in hot oil in a
metal casserole or heavy saucepan. Remove from heat and add roughly
chopped shallots. Cover and return to a low heat to soften the shallots
a little then add porcini & liquid they have soaked in (or sliced
chestnut mushrooms) and half a bottle of red wine together with half a
pint of rich beef stock. Add Mediterranean herbs – oregano, rosemary &
bay – and a couple of chopped garlic cloves and bring to boil. Turn down
to a simmer and cook covered for about 11/2 hours until meat is almost
tender (longer for shin, but worth the wait!) then add a handful of
dried unsweetened cranberries. Continue cooking until meat is done and
cranberries have swollen. Remove cover, check seasoning and reduce to
desired thickness of stock. Serve as suggested, but consider roasted
Mediterranean vegetables as an accompaniment if a more substantial meal
is called for.

We have suggested this to a number of customers, often when they have
asked for steaks for the BBQ after we have sold out! It makes use in
summer of cuts of beef that many only associate with winter stews. We
have served it in the garden on the hottest of days, accompanied by
tagliatelle and a large bowl of Italian salad, helped on its way with a
bottle of Chianti.

Normally we would use half a kilo of meat for 3 to 4 people. As for
other quantities it tends to vary depending on what I can lay my hands
on. If you haven’t got shallots, a couple of medium sized onions are
fine, but preferably not too strong. In autumn I will often vary it by
adding whole cooked chestnuts (the ones ready prepared are perfectly
good for this).

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