A recipe for Pork With Apples And Cider Cream, courtesy of Ryedale Vineyards.

19-01-2015   News and Recipes

 Tyson Cider

Pork with apples & cider cream

Pork tenderloin medallions
Apples (home-grown of course)
Double cream
Brown the medallions in a little oil, before adding the apples, then pour a generous glass of cider over the pork and apples.
Cover with foil and place in the the over at 170°C – check periodically to see if there is enough moisture – if not add more cider.
Cooking time is about 30 minutes and I usually aim to have a rich concentrated liquid around the meat and apples, then stir the cream and cook for another 3-5 minutes
Always served with potatoes – either sliced or diced, precooked by steaming and finished until crisp with a little oil in the oven.
Our favourite vegetables with this dish are green beans and Savoy cabbage.

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