Scarborough Food Fair – We do like to be beside the seaside!

30-03-2015   Events | Markets | News and Recipes

On Saturday 21st March, the first Scarborough Food Fair came to town, setting up on Westborough, outside the Brunswick Shopping Centre.

Although there was a fresh coastal breeze to start the day off, the response was very positive, with traders enjoying themselves, and a steady stream of customers, both local residents and visitors. We had some familiar faces from our other markets, and some traders previously unknown to us, and they were all great!

We thought our reputation for fabulous food markets had spread farther than we had realised when we arrived to set up at 6.30 am to see a line of (what we assumed were) food market groupies waiting for us – only to realise that the NEXT sale began at.7. Maybe next time the excited crowds will be just for us…


So – ready to do it all again on 18th April? We are!

f4f at scarb yws at scarb

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